I work with groups and teams as facilitator of event for up to 15 participants. I organize and facilitate my own open events, especially workshops, thematic meetings, and mastermind groups. I can facilitate your event as well. You can also hire me for team coaching. I work with small businesses, start-ups, and companies that tend to incorporate elements of freedom at work.

For groups, teams, and businesses I can provide:

  • team coaching
  • self-development workshops
  • facilitation of meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • facilitation of mastermind groups
  • workshops using body and movement work


My workshops are experiential and practically oriented. I encourage sharing among participants, create a relaxed, playful atmosphere and space for exploration and discovery. Here are the typical topics of my workshops:

  • creation of a personal, professional or business vision & vision board production
  • self-coaching (working with vision-based goals)
  • creative techniques (e.g. mind maps, brainstorming, brainwriting)
  • career restart for women (after maternity leave, 50+, or at other work/life intersections)
  • time & energy management, esp. for women

Current open workshops can be found at events. I will also be pleased to prepare a tailor-made workshop for you. Thematically and extensively, I will adapt it to your needs and possibilities.


I organize and facilitate a Mastermind Group for freelancers and owners of small businesses in Třebíč. It is a closed group whose members meet regularly and share experiences, support and enrich each other. Meetings are moderated by a facilitator for maximum efficiency and practicality.

A Mastermind Group brings its members the opportunity for a major shift and to recharge their energy in the company of people who deal with similar issues. Everyone has the opportunity to bring their current topics to the group. They receive inspiration and new ideas, feedback, tips on best practices, and useful contacts from other members.

All members are expected to participate in each session of the series. The group is stable to ensure a safe environment. Between meetings, group members have the opportunity to be in touch through a secret Facebook group.

Do you want me to facilitate meetings of your local mastermind group that you organize yourselves? Contact me via email. At a reasonable driving distance, there is a good chance that we can make a deal.


You can also hire me as a facilitator of your event – a meeting, brainstorming session, or another kind of a gathering. I will help you design the discussion format or decision-making process and help the group to adhere to the given topics and agenda. I will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions and that it is clear what is under duscussion, why it is so and what will take place with the outputs.


I can also help you if you want team coaching to support the smoothness, productivity, and effective communication in your team. Team coaching works similarly as individual coaching. In addition to the goals of individual team members, we focus primarily on common themes and goals.


For those interested in self-development through movement, I organize somatic workshops. They focus on deepening physical perception, exploring movement patterns, exploring new possibilities, and developing participants’ movement repertoire.

Workshops are playful, some are more focused on body and movement, others on self-development and reflection. I also offer workshops focused on specific topics such as balance, communication, and contact, working with space or authenticity. I am interested in organic movement and creating in a group.


If you want me to prepare a workshop for you or to facilitate your event, please write to me.

A workshop can be half-day or all-day, depending on the subject and your needs. The number of participants is usually 8-12. The facilitation/lecturing hour costs 1800 CZK. The price includes preparation. The fare is 5 CZK/km. The event organizer provides rental space and refreshments for participants.

The format and conditions of facilitation of your event are negotiated on an individual basis.