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Coaching on the move combines the best of coaching and benefits of active movement outdoors. It improves performance, satisfaction, and the feeling that I have my life in my hands. The one who determines where we go and what we’re talking about is always you.

Walking increases the level of our attention. In motion, we are more receptive and present in our body. We gain new perspectives and original ideas. Contact with nature soothes the mind and refines the senses. It brings us closer to our real needs.

Deep breath stimulates the brain and gradually clears the mind. As we move, we naturally get into flow. It is a state of full concentration, passion for the subject matter, creativity, positive emotional mood, and great productivity.

We fully use the potential of our intellect, emotions and body while coaching on the move. This complex approach helps us to better understand what is happening in our lives and what we are dealing with. It increases the effectiveness of coaching, the impact of outputs, and the durability of the changes that are started.

Coaching on the move takes 2-3 hours and usually brings very nutritious outputs that serve you for several weeks or months. It costs 3000 CZK plus travel 5 CZK/km from Třebíč. You can order your appointment by contact form http://zuzanadudkova.cz/contact/

For more info see http://zuzanadudkova.cz/coaching/