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I provide coaching in areas of career and business development and personal growth. I am available for appointments in Brno. I can help you sort out your thoughts and come out of established thinking patterns. From our coaching you will take away new ideas, insights, a clear map of the next steps, as well as a nutritious dose of energy and motivation to make the necessary changes.

I coach clients individually in both Czech and English. I frequently assist with career reboots, business start-ups, creating business or personal vision, maximizing personal potential, enhancing work-life balance, and adapting to different types of life changes. I use a wide range of tools and approaches, always taking into account the individual needs of each client.

The coaching session in Brno lasts 75 minutes and costs 2000 Kč. You can book your session here: https://forms.gle/cjfwf6gYKHEvNw6r5