I can help you sort out your thoughts, gain insight, and come out of established thinking patterns. If you are standing at the crossroads, I will encourage you to find clarity, gain more confidence and consciously decide how to go further.

I work with people for whom it is important to be in touch with themselves and with the source of their strength, and at the same time want to see real results. Most of them have already tried out may things and now they are looking for completely new possibilities and are ready for a real change.

I work with clients mostly in the form of individual coaching in Czech, English and German. We focus on setting a clear goal you want to aim for. During our mutual dialogue, you have my full attention. 

We work playfully and creatively. We explore together and you are discovering new ways and unexpected possibilities. From coaching, you get concrete benefits where you need them and a clear map of the next steps, as well as a nutritious dose of energy and motivation to make the necessary changes.

What I don’t offer:

  • counseling, diagnosis, and testing
  • employment agency services
  • psychotherapy

What I offer:

  • Career and business coaching
  • Coaching on the Move (outside while walking)
  • Somatic Coaching

In coaching, you yourself name your goals and come up with your distinctive solutions. That’s why coaching has power. My job is to accompany and support you on your journey and take care of the efficiency of the coaching process. The content of coaching is always yours alone.

Everything that comes up during coaching is an option. There are always several different paths to the goal. You are the greatest expert on your life, deciding which way you take, doing the hard work, enjoying the sweet fruits of coaching outputs and taking responsibly for them.


I work with independent professionals, small business owners, and people who work in creative areas. Some of my clients have their business running, others develop their projects on jobs or paralel to their employment. Some are in the process of moving to freelance work.

Often, my clients are women on parental leave or standing at other work or life crossroads. They go through different stages of change or are preparing for change. Some of them are going through a difficult interim period when the old is no longer existing, and the new is not yet born.

Men who find their way to my coaching room usually want to sort out their thoughts on a particular business issue or need to overcome some obstacle. Working with them, I use my well trained analytical thinking and focus.

Thematically, I focus on career development and business support, especially on:

  • beginning a small business and business development
  • career paths and career choices
  • professional restart at different life stages
  • creating a personal, career, or business vision
  • work-life balance
  • developing potential, working with personal strengths, talents and inner resources

Work related topics are mostly tied to personal themes. As needed, we also deal with them in the given context. In coaching I use a wide range of tools and approaches, always taking into account the individual needs of each client.


People who like to think while walking usually enjoy the format of coaching on the move. It combines the best of coaching and benefits of active movement outdoors. Coaching on the move improves performance, satisfaction, and the feeling that I have my life in my hands. The one who determines where we go and what we’re talking about is always you.

Walking increases the level of our attention. In motion, we are more receptive and present in our body. We gain new perspectives and original ideas.

Deep breath stimulates the brain and gradually clears the mind. As we move, we naturally get into flow. It is a state of full concentration, passion for the subject matter, creativity, positive emotional mood, and great productivity.

Contact with nature soothes the mind and refines the senses. It brings us closer to our real needs. The landscape and surrounding events mirror our themes and our attitude towards them. The perception of beauty and simplicity in nature harmonizes us and helps us tune into inner peace. From here, we have a greater ability to orient ourselves in our situation, to look for new possibilities, to open ourselves to intuition and make good decisions.

We fully use the potential of our intellect, emotions and body while coaching on the move. This complex approach helps us to better understand what is happening in our lives and what we are dealing with. It increases the effectiveness of coaching, the impact of outputs, and the durability of the changes that are started.


When appropriate, I use somatic coaching techniques. They are based on engaging the whole person in the coaching process and allow us to find new solutions where the mind on its own would not find or look for any. Somatic coaching draws on and works with our mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

We use the fact that our bodies, emotions, and minds are interconnected systems in our favor. When we achieve the desired change at one of these levels, it impacts the other two. Hence we have many more possibilities to influence things than from a purely mental perspective.

In practical terms, we welcome words, the intellect, and analytical thinking, as well as the language of feelings and intuitions, or signals coming from gestures, body postures, and our relation to space. We use various somatic and creative techniques, most of them are playful and light.

Somatic coaching can be useful, for example, in situations where we need to overcome an obstacle, solve a dilemma, or look for our own distinctive “how” when we are already clear about our “what”.


Indoor coaching takes place in my consulting room in Třebíč. I regularly offer coaching sessions in Brno and Prague. Coaching on the Move takes place anywhere you determine. It can be a location in nature or in the city. Occasionally, when it doesn’t work out in person, we can have an online session (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.). As part of the large package, I also offer the possibility of short telephone consultations between coaching sessions.

We will begin working on your issues starting from the first coaching session. You will take away concrete outputs in the form of optimally set goals, new insights, and naming the first practical steps you want to take for yourself.

During the first coaching session you will have the opportunity to experience and see whether our mutual interaction suits you. At the end of it, we will set up a framework of collaboration and agree whether, and with what intensity, we will continue to work together.

There is no written output on my part from the coaching. If you like, I can help you to create or complete your notes at the end of a session.

Indoor coaching usually takes 75 minutes. The optimal spacing between sessions is 2-4 weeks.

Coaching on the move takes 2-3 hours, also plan reserve time for transits. Coaching on the move usually brings very nutritious outputs that serve you for several weeks or months. I recommend about 4 sessions a year or a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions based on your preference.

It is wise to use common sense to equip yourself for Coaching on the move, also with regard to weather conditions. You may wish to wear comfortable waterproof shoes and layered clothing and take a raincoat with you. Definitely take something to drink and if you like, bring a snack. I always carry a basic first aid kit with me.

When scheduling a session of Coaching on the move, we will arrange an approximate location, e.g. the surroundings of Brno. I will expect you to inform me on the exact location of the meeting point, which is usually a public transport stop or a place to park a car, at least 24 hours before the session.


Indoor coaching Range TŘEBÍČ, online BRNO PRAGUE
First coaching session only during first cooperation (75 min) 1500 Kč 2000 Kč 2500 Kč
One-time coaching 1 coaching session (75 min) 1800 Kč 2300 Kč 2800 Kč
Small package 3 coaching sessions (75 min each)
–> valid for 3 months from purchase
5000 Kč 6500 Kč 8000 Kč
Medium package 5 coaching sessions (75 min each)
–> valid for 6 months from purchase
7500 Kč 10000 Kč 12500 Kč
Large package 12 coaching sessions (75 min each)
–> valid for 12 months from purchase
–> possibility to combine with Coaching on the move
–> possibility of short telephone consultations between meetings
15000 Kč 20000 Kč 25000 Kč

Travel and space rental in Brno/Prague are included in the price. The first coaching session in Prague and Brno can be booked on prepayment. The package prices shown are valid for prepayment or for a package payment within 1 week of the first coaching session. The package needs to be used during the validity period. Any extension of validity is dealt with individually.

Coaching on the Move Třebíč area Brno area Prague area
Coaching on the move, 2-3 hours 3000 Kč 3500 Kč 4000 Kč

Travel costs are included in the price. At other locations, I charge 3000 CZK plus travel 5 CZK/km from Třebíč.

Cancellation Policy: No cancellation fee when cancelling an appointment 72 hours prior to the start of coaching. If you cancel the term 72-24 hours before the start of the coaching, I will charge a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel the term less than 24 hours before the start of the coaching or if you do not arrive at the agreed session, I will charge a 100% cancellation fee.

You can indulge yourself in coaching. You can also surprise your loved ones with a gift voucher. Parents on parental leave and people in otherwise difficult life situations may be offered lower prices by mutual agreement. I am not a VAT registered subject.


Do you want to schedule a session? Write to me. Indicate which type of coaching you are interested in, the desired location, and your preferred timing. I’ll contact you soon. I can usually offer a session within 2-3 weeks. Indoor coaching takes place during the workweek. Coaching on the move occasionally also during weekends.