I accompany people during parts of their journey. Coaching with me will help you to clarify things, get to the essence, gain distance and new insights, recharge and consciously decide how to go further.

I will encourage you to arrange your working life according to your abilities, ideas, and values and build it on your talents, strengths, experiences, and skills.

I mostly coach people for whom it is important that their work makes sense to them, is aligned with their core values and attuned to their personal and family life.

When it comes to coaching and what I like about it – it is the lightness, playfulness, and perspective it gives, as well as its grounded pragmatic approach based on facts and figures.

I have been working with people and on self-development issues in various forms since 2001. I have been coaching for the past 5 years.

I am basing my work on my coaching practice and self-experience trainings, especially on the training in Somatic Coaching accredited by the ICF. I have also undergone trainings in transformative and facilitative mediation, and as a mediator, I have received an AMCR accreditation. I attended a number of somatically oriented therapeutic workshops and programs (Biosynthesis, PBSP). I draw from the current knowledge in the field of neuroscience.

I studied Public and Social Policy and Humanities at Charles University in Prague and Humboldt University in Berlin. After school, I worked on monitoring the development of security and interethnic situations in today’s North Macedonia (OSCE) and later as an international election observer for the OSCE and the EU in Europe, Asia and America. I have experience with specific issues dealt with by experts in international organizations, expats, and their families. I coach in Czech, English, and German.

Between my stays abroad I worked on projects in ​​the labor market, support of business, culture, and art in the Czech Republic. I also worked as a mediator. The common denominator of my diverse work experience in the Czech Republic and abroad is direct work with people, fieldwork, and communication.

Besides my work, my two creative children employ me. I live close to Třebíč, in the region of erratic boulders and pensive poets. I am balancing my country life by traveling to Brno, Prague, and my native Ostrava. As a woman and mother I am continuously exploring and tuning my work-life balance. I like to experiment with digital nomadism.

I enjoy water and movement in various forms and combinations. My interest in self-knowledge and authentic self-expression through movement brought me to Argentine tango, contact improvisation, and the Conscious Body program. I am a member of the Improvizit collective.